1. WHATS WITH THE NAME |  Our name, Pine and Pearl came about while we were engaged and dreaming up our business together. We were searching for a name that could encompass our natural style and also be appealing and exciting to potential clients. Pine incorporates our love for the outdoors and has a more masculine tone, while Pearl embraces our love for shooting weddings and adds a soft and feminine touch. As a husband and wife team, we felt like this name captures who we are and what we strive for in photography.  

2. WHY NATURAL LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY |  Our aim at Pine and Pearl is to be authentic and unobtrusive with our work. With that being said, we use natural light to avoid the distraction and effect of flash photography. From our experience we feel like natural lighting allows us to capture the most genuine photographs possible. We love the soft, simple, and sincere images which natural light produces. 

3. WHAT ARE YOUR PACKAGE PRICES |  Our desire is to provide a service and not simply sell a product. Because of this, all of our packages are customizable to suit each individual couple. This usually looks like an average wedding collection of around $2900. Feel free to shoot us a message through our contact page for our package details.

4. DO YOU TRAVEL |  Heck yes! We love to travel! Contact us for more details.  

5. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET MY IMAGES  |  We do our best to get images back as soon as possible without sacrificing quality. After editing each photo individually, an engagement shoot will be back in your hands in an average of 2 weeks, while weddings average about 5 weeks total.

6. HOW DO WE RECEIVE OUR IMAGES  |  After each photo has been processed, we will place all images on a USB flash drive or CD. Each drive and disk will contain a folder with full size print ready images and a folder with web ready images for social media.

7. WHY A HUSBAND AND WIFE PHOTO TEAM  |  Photography is a passion that both of us share, so while we were engaged Pine and Pearl was a natural dream and development for us. As we began shooting together we realized our experience as a couple, joy for people, and different perspectives work together to provide a very unique style. Since then, God has given us opportunities to continue and grow into where we are today and we are so thankful! Plus, working together is a blast! 

If you have any further questions we would love to hear from you through our contact page.

-Dave and Kel