Kelley and I decided to make a date out of taking some long overdue bridal portraits for her. The incredibly talented Ryan Price photographed our wedding, but we wanted some images dedicated to reflecting her as a bride, so we simply took them ourselves. I was lucky to have her as a model since I was shooting by myself this time.  We spent the afternoon laughing and capturing the immense beauty that God has given her. 

Kelley Bridal-11.jpg
Kelley Bridal-3.jpg
Kelley Bridal-5.jpg
Kelley Bridal-4.jpg
Kelley Bridal-7.jpg
Kelley Bridal-8.jpg
Kelley Bridal-16.jpg
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Kelley Bridal-15.jpg
Kelley Bridal-17.jpg
Kelley Bridal-1.jpg