Our Story...

We're a husband and wife photo team and the proud parents of KJ Laws. 

Although our background is rooted in wedding photography, we now work full time doing travel and humanitarian photography and specialize in telling stories of people and cultures. We were both born and raised in Texas, but have had opportunities to travel to Kenya, Hungary, Romania, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, and we now live in the great nation of Turkey. The motive behind our photography is an intense love for people and wanting to capture their God-given beauty. Even in areas of the world scarred by chaos and despair, we want to find and document the hope and peace and joy that remains there. 

Our artistic style could be described as simple, authentic, and natural- we aren't fans of awkward, forced photos and we rarely use any kind of artificial lighting or excess equipment. We love capturing genuine, unguarded moments and allowing our photos to tell real stories.

Outside of photography, we enjoy soaking up time with family and friends, drinking coffee, playing board games, rock climbing, competing in triathlons and endurance races, watching Disney movies in Turkish, backpacking, meeting new people, taking family walks, and traveling.